Since the recent birth of the maker movement, millions of individuals, and thousands of organizations and institutions have found ways to explore their own creative potential. The Nation of Makers was formed to continue to grow the coalition of diverse organizations that are working to support the maker community. Through advocacy, resource sharing, and building of community within the maker movement and beyond, Nation of Makers is dedicated to serving and representing the full variety of spaces, events, and institutions serving makers.

The National Week of Making is a week-long celebration of the creativity and ingenuity of makers and is dedicated to engaging people all over the country in opportunities to make. This year, Week of Making is highlighting the diversity of makers and encouraging people to tell the story of why they make. Organizations are invited to participate by creating events in their region and by announcing their commitments to the maker movement. These commitments range from creating new maker education programs to hosting showcase events for their community. Share your own commitments to the maker movement with the hashtag #WeekOfMaking.