The mission of Maker Ed is to harness the potential of making to transform teaching and learning. To achieve this, the organization provides training, support, and resources to individuals, institutions, and communities who are integrating maker education into their learning environments. Utilizing a blend of online and in person opportunities for engagement, Maker Ed offers:

  • In-person workshops, trainings, and the Maker Ed Institute
  • Freely available online resources and publications
  • Annual national convening for maker educators
  • Multi-year institutional support through the Making Spaces program
  • Connection to local, regional, and national networks

Maker Ed believes that maker-centered learning has the power to transform the educational experience for every child. We imagine a future in which all children—regardless of class, gender, race, ability, or geography—have equitable access to learning experiences that support the development of their own agency and problem solving dispositions as they become lifelong change-makers.