The Edcamp Foundation supports educators organizing participant-driven professional development experiences. Edcamps are free public events which leverage the knowledge and experiences of attendees to create the topics and discussions of the day. After starting in Philadelphia in 2010 as a single event, there have been over 1,500 Edcamps across 35 countries.

In November, the Maker Promise held Edcamp: Maker Promise as a kick-off to a new partnership between the Maker Promise and Edcamp Foundation to bring maker learning opportunities to educators through Edcamps. All Edcamp organizers can receive materials and a guide to facilitate the “Circuit Arcade” activity at their event by completing the Edcamp registration form. In addition to this activity, maker-themed Edcamp organizers can receive a stipend for additional supplies, a tip sheet for organizing a makerthemed Edcamp, promotional support through the Maker Promise network, and giveaway prizes. Contact us if you are planning to host a maker-themed Edcamp.