Maker Promise partners share resources to support Maker Champions. Resources range from guides for implementing district-wide maker learning programs, to projects for engaging students, to the latest research on how making supports learning.

Program Planning

Making is for Everyone Infographic From Digital Promise

Research-based infographic about creating inclusive and culturally relevant maker learning programs


Materials Matter Infographic From Digital Promise

Researchers tend to study tools, activities, and learning outcomes as interacting parts of the same equation. By considering these elements together, we can keep a careful eye on how we are supporting students and enhancing learning in our classrooms.

Dive into the research and apply these lessons to your own practice: identify the learning that you hope to support, and use the tools that deepen those activities.

Professional Development

Deeper Learning through Making From Digital Promise

The Deeper Learning through Making course is designed to help educators integrate making into their classrooms to promote deeper learning for students. Maker Promise signers receive FREE access to this course.

Interested in joining us for the Spring session? Please Contact us to let us know!

Program Planning

Youth Makerspace Playbook From Maker Ed

This guide provides context and support for those planning spaces for youth to make.


Activities from Unprofessional Development From Project H

Adaptable activities and resources for educators

Professional Development

Tinkering Fundamentals: A constructionist approach to STEM learning From Exploratorium

A six-week course focused on sharing the Exploratorium’s approach to designing activities, practicing facilitation, and setting up environments conducive to learning about science and art through tinkering.

Program Planning

The Remake Learning Playbook From Remake Learning

A field guide of ideas and resources for building innovation networks for teaching and learning.


Projects Resource Library From Maker Ed

The “Projects & Learning Approaches” library, includes ideas for short-term activities, open-ended long-term projects, curriculum samples, examples of facilitation methods and practices, and the pedagogies and values aligned with making.

Program Planning

Program Planning Resource Library From Maker Ed

“Program Planning & Management” provides models of successful making programs in varied settings, including afterschool clubs, youth makerspaces, school classrooms, museums, and libraries.


Project Search From Buck Institute for Education

Projects gathered from online project libraries and curated by BIE.

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