Bring Maker Learning to your Edcamp!

The Maker Promise offers support for the more than 500 Edcamps held each year to add making learning opportunities to their events. Edcamp organizers who take part can receive resources to challenge attendees to collaboratively redesign a classroom project, build items like circuit tiles, and incorporate core values of maker learning – audience, agency, and authenticity – into their work. In addition, educators interested in hosting their own maker education-themed Edcamps can connect with Maker Promise for support and resources. These specialized Edcamps receive tips for organizing a maker Edcamp, financial support for materials and supplies, event promotion through the Maker Promise network, and materials for prizes and giveaways.

Check out the materials below from Edcamp: Maker Promise, a maker-themed Edcamp that we’ve hosted over the past two years. At Edcamp: Maker Promise educators create and lead sessions around tools and resources to engage their students in hands-on learning. For a look at the attendee experience, explore the event hashtag #EdcampMaker on Twitter.

Contact us if you’re interested in hosting a maker-themed Edcamp.

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