As a part of the Maker Promise, signers commit to display what their students make, acknowledging that audience is a core value of maker learning.

Schools can host or participate in a showcase event where students can share what they have made. This could be anything from a full-blown Maker Faire to a maker open house or a booth at your local county fair. It’s up to you to develop the best approach based on your school, students, and community.

Media can also be a great way to showcase student work by sharing photographs on social media sites or even challenging students to produce videos about their work. Students can create media to show their physical creations, or the core creations themselves may be pieces of media like video games, podcasts, films, or graphic designs. Making media is making!

Keep in mind that documenting and sharing student process can be just as important to display and catalyze learning as showing the final products of student work.

For ideas on how to showcase your students’ work, check out the following resources: