The Maker Promise is a campaign to bring quality maker learning experiences to all young people.

It takes a village to ensure that young people have the opportunity to discover themselves as creators of things and of ideas.The most successful examples of maker learning have the support and buy-in of families, schools, and local businesses and organizations. The Maker Promise challenges individuals and organizations to join the maker learning movement and commit to being champions for making. The Maker Promise offers Maker Champions support and resources to advocate for making, support maker learning experiences, and catalyze communities around making.

The Maker Promise is organized by Maker Ed and Digital Promise.

History of the Promise:

In March 2016, Digital Promise and Maker Ed issued a call-to-action for school leaders around the country to commit to growing the next generation of American makers, by committing to dedicate a space for making, designate a champion, and showcase student work. During the National Week of Making in June 2016, we announced that school and district leaders representing more than 1,400 schools in all 50 states had signed the Maker Promise, affirming their commitment to this growing movement for more creative, student-centered learning.

In 2017, the commitment was expanded to invite educators and community members to sign the Promise and become champions for making, too.

The Maker Promise network is now comprised of 300 school districts and more than 2,000 schools and Maker Champions. This work has evolved to support communities as they work towards fulfilling the promise of maker learning. Through the Maker Promise program, we aim to equip everyone with the tools and resources needed to advocate for quality maker learning experiences for all students.

Read our 2018 annual report, Fulfilling the Maker Promise: Year Two, where we share what we have learned from the Maker Promise network about the state of maker education in U.S. schools, and how these discoveries are shaping the future of the Maker Promise initiative.


Read last year’s report, Fulfilling the Maker Promise: Year One.


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