Maker Ed and Digital Promise partnered to launch the Maker Promise in 2016, and have gathered commitments from over 2,000 Maker Champions to bring quality maker learning experiences to youth. 

Through our partnership, we have worked to:

  • Support and convene maker educators through Maker Educator Meetups
  • Host two Edcamp: Maker Promise events, an un-conference experience dedicated to maker learning led by the attendees
  • Supply Edcamp organizers with materials for participants to experience low-cost and accessible making through the Circuit Arcade
  • Publish findings on the state of maker education in 2017 and 2018 
  • Share the stories of Maker Champions and their students through our blog

To start, we are saying goodbye to the Maker Promise website and newsletter. Don’t worry! There will be some exciting announcements about our collaboration in October, so hurry up and stay in touch with us through the Maker Ed newsletter and Digital Promise Action Report, where you can still access resources and stories, connect with networks, and explore dynamic professional learning opportunities like virtual workshops and webinars

An important part of this partnership has always been storytelling, and that won’t change. Since the Coronavirus has forced an opportunity to examine education and make big, critical changes, we’ve seen educators adapt their learning opportunities to fit the needs of their youth and this moment. From distributing materials for activities at home to how-to videos, there are many emergent ways making can support a shifting education landscape. We will continue to share stories like these to inspire more educators to bring hands-on learning to their youth, now, and always. Please reach out to to nominate an educator or organization whose work we should amplify.

We look forward to continuing to connect and share with you all!