As we look forward to the new year, we have taken some time to reflect on the work we’ve done as a part of the Maker Promise in 2017. A few highlights include:

  • Releasing our first annual report Fulfilling the Maker Promise: Year One where we shared what we have learned about the state of maker education in US schools. If you haven’t already, you can complete the 2017 Maker Champions Survey and help shape the future of this initiative to better support your needs in 2018.
  • Supporting and hosting Maker Educator Meetups locally and at national conferences. These events have provided opportunities for us to connect with you and for you to connect with each other.
  • Hosting the first Edcamp: Maker Promise where we announced a new partnership with the Edcamp Foundation to bring maker learning opportunities to all Edcamps. In 2018, we look forward to sharing more on how we can help you bring making to Edcamps you are organizing or attending.

We hope you have a happy and restful holiday break and look forward to continuing to support your work in 2018!

Spotlight on the Maker Promise newsletter

Through this newsletter, we’ve shared a wide variety of resources for making, organizations who are supporting educators, and stories about students from around the country. Check out the archives for a recap to inspire you as you plan for the next year:

Think Globally, Make Locally 
Connecting global learning and maker learning.

Reaching Outside the Walls of your School
Finding community partners and collaborators to help support making in your space.

Making Media is Making
Making comes in many forms and one of the most accessible and valuable is making media.

Celebrating the Impact of Maker Learning
Reflecting on accomplishments from throughout the school year.

The Importance of Showcase
Opportunities to showcase work engages and leverages a core value of maker learning – audience.

Key Takeaways from the Maker Educator Convening
Resources and discussions from the 3rd annual Maker Ed Convening.

National Week of Making Marks One Year of the Maker Promise
Reflecting on the first year of the Maker Promise.

Summer Reading List
A list of must-reads for maker educators.

Time to Tinker
Try the Toy Take Apart activity and explore the parts that make your old toys work. 

Use Project Based Learning to Start Making
Resources for bringing Project Based Learning to your students through making.

Re-tooling for the School Year
Resources for equipping your makerspace with the appropriate tools and safety protocols.

Making is for Everyone
Including all students in the maker movement and valuing all types of making.

Students Share Their Stories at Maker Faire
Inspiring projects from student makers.

Crowdfunding your Makerspace
The Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh, in partnership with Maker Ed, has designed a suite of resources and tools to support fundraising efforts and the integration of making into schools and educational spaces across the country.

We are All Maker Champions
Celebrating and recognizing the makers around us.

Making in School Libraries
Exploring the relationship between the school library and makerspace. 

How School Leaders can Support Maker Learning
Digital Promise launches the Maker Learning Leadership Framework, a toolkit for education leaders as they work towards ensuring all students have opportunities to make.